Who We Are


DLJ Foods is family owned franchises of Dairy Queen and Schlotzsky’s.


It all started when the owner David Jones wanted to move back home to Moore, Oklahoma and open his own business. David Jones moved his familyback to Moore from Texas in December of 2010. On June 4th 2011 hisdream turned into reality and Schlotzsky’s was open for business. David employed 50 people in the area and the number continued grow as he opened more stores.

By 2016 David is the owner four Dairy Queens and two Schlotzsky’s which are ran by himself and his children. David has three beautiful daughters and one handsome son that will continue to run the business and embrace the Jones name. David always taught them the value of hard work, dedication, and how to interact with people.


When you walk into one of the Jones Family restaurants you become one of our family members. In Jones eyes our customers are number one, our staffand associates are number two and we are number three. So much has changed overthe years and more customers are eating out than at home and coming to our restaurantmight be the only time they will have an opportunity to sit down and eat withtheir kids and family in a family atmosphere. We welcome you to come in andjoin our family


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